Hunter Law Firm is ready to help you choose and protect the trademark that represents your company to the world. Jayne can perform trademark searches and make recommendations about the most protectable marks, then prepare and prosecute state and federal trademark applications to get your trademarks the best protection available under the law.

A trademark is a name, slogan, tagline, logo or other device that serves as the identifier of source for goods and services. It can be a word, a phrase (slogan or tagline), design or even a sound, smell or color that tells a consumer the product or service comes from a particular provider.

As often products are identified or asked for by their trademarks, a business’s trademark is often the most important part of its brand. As such, ensuring a mark is not in use by someone else, or that it is not unprotectable for another statutory reason, is an important first step in choosing the words or symbols that will identify a business for years to come.

Once it appears a mark is available for use, seeking the benefits of registration is an important step not only to take advantage of the important benefits accorded registered marks, but also to establish constructive notice of your own claim of rights. In other words, by registering your mark, you let the world know of your claim of rights, so it will show up on their trademark searches. Federal registrations offer the best benefits, but in many cases a state registration is a good idea as well.

It is important to note that securing a corporate name from the Secretary of State’s Office is not the equivalent of a trademark search or registration. Even a slight differentiation between names often suffices for those purposes, whereas the standard of what is unacceptably close under trademark law is much broader. A trademark search that accompanies a corporate name choice is the best practice.

In addition, unlike some other forms of intellectual property, a trademark can last forever through substantial use and registration maintenance.

We are happy to consult with you on your choice of mark, as well as assist you in securing the best protection for your mark through registration. We also follow up to make sure you can maintain your registration protection as part of our initial engagement.

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