Copyright is the federal legal protection offered for works of original authorship. Works protected by copyright include literary and artistic works, including music, books, plays, poems, painting, sculptures and the like, computer programs, and other works as long as they are fixed in tangible form. Unlike trademark, copyright protection is strictly federal. There is no state copyright law.

Also unlike trademark, copyright protection has a limited duration, determined by when and by whom it was produced.

Just as trademark registration is an important step in protecting trademark rights, copyright registration confers significant benefits. It is also so economical that there is no need to resort to what is referred to as “a poor man’s copyright.” (There really is no such thing. Mailing something back to yourself does not secure any rights.)

Advice and consultation on copyright matters often consists of answering questions about copyright ownership and about what constitutes copyright infringement as well as negotiating licenses of copyrighted works.

We can advise on copyright issues of all kinds, and are happy to help you with copyright registration or licensing.

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