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Founded by Jayne Hunter, a North Carolina Board Certified Trademark Specialist and former United States Trademark Office trademark examining attorney, Hunter Law Firm, PLLC was opened with the goal of providing individuals and businesses of all sizes with the same quality of legal advice available to the largest of companies, with personal attention not available from a large firm. Since trademark registration with the United States Patent and Trademark Office is federal, as is copyright law, it is likely we can represent you on those issues wherever you are in the United States.

We offer flat fee or hourly pricing for advice in the following areas:


With more than twenty years experience helping businesses and individuals choose and register trademarks, Jayne can assist you in choosing a mark that can weather the test of time or the challenges of a global marketplace.


Jayne understands the competitive environment creative people work in and can help protect their rights with registration and licensing advice as well as with the drafting of forms that can be customized for various situations.

Technology Contracting

Software and information technology contracts are often critical to the operation of businesses large and small, so getting a review of contracts with software vendors and information technology providers is a smart investment.

Domain Names

Domain names are often the avenue of discovery for businesses, and understanding the intersection of domain name policies and trademark law is crucial to making good decisions about which domains to protect, which to object to, and which to ignore.

Related Areas

Jayne can advise on social media issues, website terms and conditions takedown notices for copyright infringement and the intellectual property portion of lending deals, divestitures and mergers and acquisitions.


We are centrally located in the beautiful historic Dilworth neighborhood in Charlotte, North Carolina, but we represent clients all over the state and the country and across the world.

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